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May 22nd, 2014 by Tobias Borg Petersen

Success! – We are now live with our new website. 🙂

This website is going to be the new high-road to the instant@alarm monitor-tool’s administrationmodule, in addition to being an information platform, where we, among other things, have placed this blog.

The blog on instantalarm.dk will only be about web performance and the articles on the blog will both be technical and non-technical. These articles will give tips on how to optimise performance which will enable you to increase your website’s level of performance and reduce its response time. Additionally, there will be articles about why good web performance is important.

We therefore encourage everyone to subscribe using the subscribe button to the right, so you will receive an update when we have posted a new article.

’The new instant@alarm’ is right around the corner

The new instantalarm.dk website is only the first step in our development of the new instant@alarm.dk and as we have already announced to our existing instant@alarm users, will we open our very first beta-version of ‘the new instant@alarm’.

Are you unaware of what ‘the new instant@alarm’ exactly means, then imagine webpagetest.org, but as a performance monitoring tool, which automatically executes a web performance recording 288 times every 24 hours.

Participation in the instant@alarm beta is free and we encourage anyone who is interested to sign up for the beta using the following link: signup.instantalarm.dk.

During the beta, users will get access to two measuring points. One is placed in Denmark and the other one is placed in the USA.

A new face in the Digicure performance department

Finally, I would like to use this opportunity to welcome our new colleague, Nikolaj Hass. Nikolaj has just begun his work in Digicure’s performance department, after one year’s residence in Wales as an exchange student. This means that the technical part of Digicure’s performance department consists of four bright and efficient developers and consultants.

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