Web Editor Charlotte Appel states:

“instant@larm identifies the precise timing for when possible problems have occurred. – Furthermore it gives us valuable statistical information, which I can export whenever I wish to, says Charlotte Appel.
Our own operations department also conducts measurings, but Digicure provides extra confidence because they’re impartial, furthermore it has an impact that that Digicure measures from an external point. In fact I use instant@larm to keep our operations department a bit on their toes. However, I immediately call the Helpdesk when I receive an alert so we can get the problem solved right away.
To begin with we only used instant@larm at, but it has worked so well that we wanted to extend it to our other sites:, and Resulting in a corporate agreement with Digicure” Charlotte Appel concludes.


DONG Energy Sales & Distribution,
Project Leader Per Sander states:

Great Performance is great customer service
Dong Energy makes great demands to its web solutions. It should be easy and fast for our nearly one million customers to navigate around

Conducts performance tests
”In the past year we have been working closely together with Digicure on conducting performance tests. To implement the test we created different test scenarios, which cover the general elements on our website (front page and news) as well as creating specific test scenarios (logging on self-service and read measurings, agreements and account overview) that tests selected elements of our solutions. Based on the first performance test we indentified areas that should be improved, explains Project Leader Per Sander from DONG Energy Sales & Distribution.

Flexible cooperation
In relation to the development of our new self-service solution we later conducted further performance tests.

– In cooperation with our customer service center we identified some typical customer scenarios, which we ran through the test. This way we simulated a customer who was logged in to see his usage, his agreements and account overview. Before the performance test was conducted we created a playbook in cooperation with Digicure and Siemens Business Services, which described the plans of the execution of the test and monitoring, explains Per Sander.

After the test was conducted we received a first-hand report, which was followed up by detailed feedback. It was also possible to identify possible areas of action. The completion of the test revealed that we comply the specifications that was decided for our solution

– We have been happy with the cooperation with Digicure, as they have been great at understanding our challenges and concerns and able to deliver concrete and useable suggestions to solutions, says Per Sander

Monitoring and securing the performance level
Dong uses Digicure to execute performance tests and in addition to this, we also use Digicures product instant@larm for the daily monitoring and ensuring that the performance requirements are compliant. If it turns out that our solutions are not running or performing accordingly, Dong Energy is notified via mail or SMS”