Simplicity is the philosophy behind instant@larm. All collected data is presented in clear but detailed graphs and reports, which can be used as documentation internally as well as externally.

Synthetic monitoring

instant@larm is a synthetic website-, application- and API-monitoring service, which is carried out using a scripted real web browser. The service is able to identify problems and determine if a website, an API or an application is slow and experiencing downtime before it affects actual end-users or customers.

User friendly graphs and reports

It’s possible to generate user friendly graphs to show data like Time-to-first-Byte (TTFB), Time-to-Render (TTR), Document Complete, Fully Loaded, number of Requests and the PageSize. The graphs will visualize how the End-Users experience the webpage.

instant@larm measures the website’s user’s experience

instant@larm measures the response times, as well as the actual user experience. This includes Time-to-first-Byte (TTFB), Time-to-Render (TTR), Document Complete and Fully Loaded.

Consequences of fluctuations in response time

Bing: +2000 ms 4.3 user Source
Yahoo: +400 ms 5-9% full-page traffic Source
Google: +400 ms 20% traffic Source
AOL: fastest users +50% page views Source
Shopzilla: -5000 ms +7-12% revenue Source
Amazon: +100 ms -1 sales Source

Measurements from multiple locations

instant@larm conducts measurements from external points which are located in Australia, Singapore, Japan, Ireland, Germany, France, South Africa, Russia, Brazil, India and USA (east- og west coast).

Simulates the user flow on the website

instant@larm is able to simulate a user flow on a website. This can be useful if you have a website where it’s possible to log in or e.g. make purchases.  In such case, instant@larm will be able to simulate a user logging in or purchasing goods in the webshop.


If instant@larm concludes that the performance of your site does not not comply with the specified requirements, a text message and/or e-mail is instantly sent to the specified users of instant@alarm.

Monitor API, SMTP, FTP and Citrix services

instant@larm is able to monitor the performance level and availability on APIs, SMTP, FTP or Citrix services.

Verify Service Level Agreements

It is possible to enter a SLA (Service Level Agreement) for a measurement’s Time-to-first-Byte (TTFB), Time-to-Render (TTR), Document Complete, Fully Loaded, Page Size and number of HTTP requests, which can be automatically verified by instant@larm.

Unlimited number of user accounts

It’s possible to create an unlimted amount of user acounts in instant@larm. There is no limitations to how many accounts that can be created and it is possible to assign different users different user rights.

Mobile Apps

With the Mobile Apps you’ll be able to see your Dashboard, view performance data, change user/monitoring settings and see all the events the monitoring jobs has been collecting – while you’re on the move. The Mobile Apps are available on Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

TimeZone feature

With the TimeZone feature within the instant@larm portal, it’s very clear when an event occured. You’re able to switch your graph and report view, to show your own TimeZone or Location TimeZone, with one single click.


The instant@larm API contains all the essential features, like creating a new monitoring job, export data, stop/start monitoring job, change settings, verify SLAs and view the status of all your monitoring jobs around the globe.

100 % vendor neutral

Digicure, who is providing instant@larm, does not work as a hosting provider nor sell websites or hardware solutions. We are 100 percent vendor neutral.  We only offer SaaS solutions and consultant services within web performance monitoring, test and optimisation.