We’ve added loads of new features to the instant@larm BETA service. Sign-up and be a BETA-tester! We have been working on new features to the instant@larm BETA version and we’re now excited to tell, that the features has been implemented! Our BETA testers are now able login and see all the things we’ve been working […]

If you’re one of the many thousands users that use the web performance tool, you now have the option to run tests from a location in Denmark. The team behind instant@larm has set up the very first WebPageTest instance located in Denmark, which enables users to analyze their website’s performance from Denmark. Have you […]

The ‘new instant@larm’ BETA is now live! Sign-up here Nearly a year has passed and we are now ready to launch the first BETA version of ‘the new instant@alarm’. During the past few months, we have been inviting people to participate in our BETA and they just got access to the new platform. When joining […]

We are live!

May 22nd, 2014 by Tobias Borg Petersen

Success! – We are now live with our new website. 🙂 This website is going to be the new high-road to the instant@alarm monitor-tool’s administrationmodule, in addition to being an information platform, where we, among other things, have placed this blog. The blog on will only be about web performance and the articles on […]