The instant@larm BETA is now live!

July 8th, 2014 by admin

The ‘new instant@larm’ BETA is now live! Sign-up here

Nearly a year has passed and we are now ready to launch the first BETA version of ‘the new instant@alarm’.

During the past few months, we have been inviting people to participate in our BETA and they just got access to the new platform. When joining the BETA, each BETA-tester will find an instant@larm monitoring job with 2x Point-of-Presence’s (PoPs) located in the USA and Denmark. In other words, BETA-testers are able to monitor their website’s performance using a real browser from both the USA and Denmark.

instant@larm has 8 PoP’s placed across the globe

Since instant@larm has 8 PoPs placed across the globe, instant@larm enables you to measure how users from another country than the one your site is hosted, are experiencing your website in regards to Time-to-First-Byte, Time-to-Render, Load times and availability. The countries that testers will be able to measure from are as follows:

  • USA (East coast)
  • USA (West coast)
  • Brazil
  • Ireland
  • Denmark
  • Singapore
  • Japan
  • Australia

At first there will only be granted access to USA (West coast) and Denmark, however later on access to the remaining POP’s will be given.

What is instant@larm

instant@larm is a web-based service built on acknowledged technology, providing you with an overview of your web performance 24/7/365. The monitoring of your website is performed remotely from Digicure’s data centers and requires no installation of either software or hardware – all you need is a password. By using instant@larm you reduce your cost on internal resources required to develop and maintain web-performance systems.

By making a request to your website or webshop from the outside, instant@larm simulates a real user’s actions in the web environment. This is one of the major differences from other performance monitoring tools, which usually measures behind the firewall and mostly only on technical uptime. When the measuring is only done internally, it tells nothing about how the ISP and the firewall components perform, nor does it measure all the content on a web page, which does not paint an accurate picture of response times.

Read more and sign up here

You can read more about the ‘new instant@larm’ and sign up for the BETA using the following link:

We hope that you would like to a part of our BETA! J

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