About instant@larm

Is online availability important for your business?

Whether your business is an e-commerce site or just an information site, it is essential that users are satisfied when they visit your site, so they will return another time. Studies show that 47 % of users expect a website is loaded and displayed in under 2 seconds and if the time to display the website exceeds 3 seconds, 40 % of users leave the site before loading has finished. So the goal is not only to ensure 100 percent up-time, but also to reduce response time and act quickly when performance problems arise.

instant@larm from Digicure ensures that all parts of your website or webshop meet your performance requirements. If your site fails to meet your performance requirements, you will immediately receive an alarm, as a text message and as e-mail, so availability quickly can be restored.

“Unavailability can mean lost revenue and a bad image
– 1% downtime in 1 year means 87 hours of unavailability.”

Whether the responsibility of the website or webshop is outsourced, centralised in the organization or placed internally in the IT department, instant@larm is the best online tool to make sure your site is always online. If your site performs poorly, whoever is responsible for the site’s performance, is immediately informed.

Synthetic monitoring using a ‘real’ browser
instant@larm is a synthetic website and application monitoring service which is carried out using a scripted real web browser. The service is able to identify problems and determine if a website or application is slow or experiencing downtime before it affects actual end-users or customers.

instant@larm saves resources and is easy to use
instant@larm is a web-based service built on acknowledged technology, providing you with an overview of your web performance 24/7/365. The monitoring of your website is performed remotely from Digicure’s data center and requires no installation of either software or hardware – all you need is a password. By using instant@larm you reduce your cost on internal resources required to develop and maintain web-performance systems.

A performance monitoring tool that stands out
By making a request to your website or webshop from the outside, instant@larm simulates a real user’s actions in the web environment. This is one of the major differences from other performance monitoring tools, which usually measures behind the firewall and mostly only on technical uptime. When the measuring is only done internally, it tells nothing about how the ISP and the firewall components performes, nor does it measure all the content on a web page, which does not paint an accurate picture of the response times.

You are able to check your site for loading problems of elements such as links, objects, stylesheets, etc. at predefined intervals. At the same time you can incorporate specific search criteria of +/ -, words or objects. This also checks if e.g. defacement has happened on the measured page.

The availability of a website is very important

If your website’s uptime is… …then it’s down…
90 % 876 hours
95 % 438 hours
99 % 87 hours
99,9 % 8 hours
99,99 % 52 minutes
99,999 % 5 minutes
99,9999 % 31,68 seconds

International measurement probes
instant@larm can measure from multiple geographic locations around the world. In addition to Denmark, measurements probes are located in Australia, Singapore, Japan, Ireland, Germany, France, South Africa, Russia, Brazil, India and USA (east- og west coast).

Instant alert by text message and e-mail if problems occur
When instant@larm detects that the performance on your website or webshop does not comply with the treshold you have set, a text message and/or e-mail is sent to whoever is responsible. This means you’re able to respond quickly and correct the problem. The e-mail and text message notification is of course included in your instant@alarm subscription.

Independent report with straightforward statistics
The collected performance data is presented in clear reports ready for printing. This makes it easy for you to disseminate it to partners, such as your hosting provider, web developer and so on. The report also gives you certainty regarding whether or not a hosting partner meets SLA agreements.


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